Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The chords inside

So after learning some sargams and thaats for a couple weeks, this Saturday I had a rendevouz with (Raag) Kalyaan. Right now I am listening to the recording of the lecture, umpteenth time. As my instructor (Prof. saab) mentions in the recording - its really a beautiful Raag. The beauty is beyond words. Really. You don't realize and it melts you. I wonder how and what chords are struck inside. It appears to me that as there are sympathetic strings in the Dilruba that are not played but they just resonate with the main string, these strings inside resonate with the environment around you when you are sitting with a Raag as well. The joy is inexplicable.

I am not sure if I am allowed to share this, but as I said, characters of a language are kind of not enough to explain. There is not a lot Dilruba in the recording, but the idea is to convey the spirit of the raag.

PS: I can't believe that I could beat all that laze to actually start learning. Dhan Heavens!