Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Soul searching

Sometimes there is a talk between the two selves. Though it happens quite often, and there is usually a winner, but there are instances when both of them are equally strong. And The "You" can only listen, or at best write -

The sky is high
earth you consider too low
oh my soul
allow me to dream

Love too sweet
abhorrence not even sour
oh my soul
allow me to feel

With them too worldly
apart too abstract
oh my soul
know the penurious brain

Education imposed ignorance
ignorance a bliss
oh my soul
itch the lead in your own way

You are there, I
I have seen you
oh my soul
reveal yourself once again

-G Singh, 25th January, New Delhi

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Maasoom hain hum,
zarrra mat samajhna,
in pyaari aankhon mein,
zindagi ko sameta hai,
inhi ki chamak ne,
aftaab ke haunsle kam kar diye,
humein kya padhaoge tum,
jaake apna jahaan to dekho

-G Singh, 20th January, 2008, Bangalore.
A spontaneous reply to a friend who on hearing some supposedly imaginary truths and elating ideas would say - "neeche aaja, zyaada ud mat"

khuda ne kaha parinde,
udnaa teri fitrat nahin,
udnaa teri zaroorat hai,
shaakha pe reh ke na hi khud ko,
aur na hi khudi ko samjhega

- G Singh, 20th January, 2008, Bangalore.