Friday, April 11, 2008

Sayonara MSR and India

To the young folks at MSR, working towards a happier and progressive India:

Adorning a colorful robe,
woven with cultures, nature and love,
a child, in her hands staring, twinkling,
she recites a song of hope

A hope that her child will,
realize her dreams of happiness,
happiness that contents her heart,
for all lives she would live

The child buds into youth,
finds content in making The mother’s heart,
a beautiful garden,
from a baked patch of earth

Strives, struggles,
stretches beyond abilities,
reaching stars,
twinkling bright it says,
I shine apart, not in a quest to,
it is how I survive,
it is how my mother will smile

India smiles,
that love felt and the dreams dreamt,
the Godly destiny,
finally meet her at the horizon,
from where she will see,
her other children playing happily

-G Singh, Bangalore, 11th April 2008