Wednesday, May 31, 2006

About me !

This is an “about me” I wrote at orkut. Enjoy!

 A lonely meteor in the sky,
in search of a sea to enter and pacify,
heard that 76% of earth is water,
still fearing to get the 24% of the dry.

Found a sea in one of those eyes,
happily changed the way in life and my flies,
thought that things would change for good,
but those eyes now seem to shoot me from the hood.

The pearls I termed them to be,
help me, I can't remember how I did it Thee,
leave apart the pearls, I can't breathe that air anymore,
but still I crave for the "thing" to come in galore.

This is about me that you should know,
meet me and let me have something to show,
a clean heart and wishes to the sky
and hey, please don't be another one coming in front, and time and again passing by.

Gursharan, 30th May 2006.

Thank you fans!

After my last two creations (wow that sounds like GOD, but I am not even a zarra), I have received so many messages about the goodness of those. I assure you I am still writing, but I can’t post all of them here, somehow, I don’t know why. It isn’t that I am into writing obscene content, those are also as pure, but, theres a but that I cant cut. Sorry mates. But I will make sure that I write more of open ones. Thanks.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Afraid of World?

Beauty is a bliss,

please understand dear miss,

you wouldn’t get serious admirers,

hold on, dont shoot so many firers.


When I look at you,

the heart even forgets to sink,

and if you give me a wink,

ahh…the world for me is just pints.


Appreciate and embrace the feeling,

please don’t do a silent killing,

or Thee shall punish you,

but that will again hurt ‘Mou’!


Oh C’mon dear,

they say, life goes on and it never ends,

eyes of stone observe the trends,

but I know from deep inside,

that theres also some light kindled at your side.


If its a toll to say,

remember, you must only park at your heart’s bay,

for life is too uncertain for even a minute to stay,

but in my heart, even after life, will be your say.


Discover your own self,

forget the left and right and those otherly uprights,

look into your own eyes, or for that matter mine,

and seize the Rythm Divine.


World has never understood the emotions,

who do you care for, have some might,

If you are afraid of the damn world,

tell me, I will be your knight.


Catcha: ‘Mou’ is the latin for “me”.

 Gursharan, 30 May, 2006, New Delhi.


The Urge Deep Inside

That smile revealing the pearls,

That look in the eyes, revealing the innocence and truth,

The aura and the perfume air failed to mitigate,

I can’t sense it anymore.


The everyday willinglness to say it,

those attemps to muster the courage,

Courage, you said why?

‘Coz the innocence they say is divine,

and the feeling of win by happily failing everytime,

I can’t have that willingness anymore.


The dawn and dusk sharing the untold  grief,

Wanting to have that heavenly look, anytime, even for a brief,

your sensing of my feeling and ignoring it,

and my believing in ignorance is bliss.

That feeling of ecstasy on spotting you,

that telling of stories of liking you,

being sleepless with stars as your replacement,

I can’t feel it anymore.


Lord! I have a deep urge inside,

to say it, at last,

to relieve my heart,

to pacify the tide of emotion,

to satiate the evokation.


But with so many can’t anymores and no mores,

I have been asking myself,

is she the same, or is it for a change?

Is it to help me to forget,

or is it high time for thy ownself to introspect?


Theres a deep urge inside,

even if she sits forever by my side,

Will I be able to savor the pride?

Pride is lost, the feelings sold at dirt-cost,

Was I a fool? 

But now, to empty the immense emotional pool, Theres a Deep Urge inside !


Gursharan, 29th May, 2006, New Delhi.






Saturday, May 06, 2006

Einstein, the man, the philosopher...

I had only read in text Einstein’s idealogy, but now have got in his own ryhmic and philosophical form. Awesome, is the next word that comes out. You can also enjoy it at :


Friday, May 05, 2006

Live it, to the Max!

News on websites? They are as boring as they have always been. Information overflow & bad presentation have always hit the online news providers. Welcome to reality. The so very presentable and lovable, Max is here! Presents news in a way you would like to read. Also has an album  maker and a cool picture annotation tool.

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