Friday, April 06, 2007

Somebody on Somebody

Somebody calls an abstract thinker,
somebody laughs on the poet's tinker,
somebody pulls a poor grad student
and somebody obliges this mortal human.

Somebody asks if I am a Sikh,
somebody questions if I like life on pitch,
somebody queries how was the day,
and somebody wants the evening plans, to my dismay.

Somebody asks for work everyday,
somebody expects me with the readings of the day,
somebody calls me for the lead and tablet itching,
and somebody for the everyday moon hitting.

Someone dear knows me as son,
someone near loves me a ton,
someone dear wants me to do well in life rather,
and someone sharing childhood memories teases a younger brother.

Somebody is there not some but every tick,
some ticks I feel like giving life a kick
somebody might be anybody, somebody could be me,
this is the maze of my life, I long for the moment of glee

I made a promise to the soul,
soul asking me to be cautious of the cajole,
soul that seems still inside,
that I will not live Somebody's dream.

-G Singh, 7th April 2007, Philadelphia.