Thursday, November 23, 2006

Halwa Poori Aaloo and Heaven

Today Salman and Me after a bad day in the lab decided on a feat with the frying pan and some ingredients lying in the refrigerator. By God's grace, the ingredients turned out to be potatoes, indian store rolled pooris and Suji lying in the kitchen shelf that mom said to use quickly to avoid spoiling it with moist worms. Armed with these, and a call to Saurabh we went on the cooking spree. As saurabh said, Aaloos were superb, and halwa was sweet too :). With a perfect backdrop of thanksgiving, it was a wonderful dinner we all had and enjoyed and thanked Thee for everything. The only way for you all to get along with our celebrations is the pic below and on the left.

-G Singh, Philadelphia, 23rd Nov. '06

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why? Why Not? Yes.

From past few days, I have been feeling away from myself. I can't concentrate, I can't feel my inner self, I can't do Dhyaan, something bad is going on. Trying to find the answer, I tried pinning these lines down-

Why? Said the Satan inside.
Why do you remember Lord,
Where is He,
Who is He,
How can you feel Him?

I said, so you too believe that I remember someone?
that He is in "Where" too
that he is He and not he,
that I try to feel Him.

Came the reply, yes but show me who's He.
Said the Guru, Amitoj He is,
that He is in me, and hey Satan! in you too,
can you see?

Fiery red, the Satan said, you defy reality, practicality
and live in an illusion, and what your Father (GGS) said is not proved.
Seeing the red Satan, peace dawned inside me,
proud to have tight roots, I gave the answer,
your existence is His proof, my existence is His proof,
the world's existence is his proof, why do you goof?

Satan turn-coated into a scientist and now said,
I discovered and know an atom.
I discovered the wave.
I dug oil, I dug coal.
I did so much work that humanity has forgotten your Thee and I made so easy to earn bread!

Oh, said I. Poor Mr. Scientist,
can you invent an atom?
have you seen an atom?
You are in a deluge by your attempted experiments that its an atom,
can you tell me how smart an electron is?
And hey, it is He, who has been kind to you, in making the atom as you think.
Can you create a wave from your hand? Can you make wheat without the land?
Can you make coal in microwave? Can you make oil in your own cave?

Satan now fading away, with his last attempt,
you are ruining life, don't waste time, do something good. you came on the right path, said I.
Good has God in it, and so I reach Goodness directly,
I have a Master to follow, who will take me to Him swiftly.
He inculcates those qualities in me, taking me closer to Him,
His hand is always above my head, helping me to ride the bicycle of life with a strong rim.

This was the conversation I had with the Satan,
with he running away into darkness and glowing up inside of the True lantern.