Sunday, November 02, 2008

A casual chat with a friend today reminded me of an intellectual, whose words were:
"Everything boils down to minimizing pain". Today, I beg to differ here, measly in words, but galaxies in meaning - "Everything boils down to pain".

Fun, to kill some pain
some types of fun, leads to pain
an urge to have fun, is painful
an unsatisfied urge, is even more painful

If everything is for fun (read your own definition, or substitute fun for whatever makes you happy), then pain is inevitable.

-G Singh, 2nd Nov 2008, 1:42 PM, New Delhi


aman said...

Agreed! Basically the very existence of fun depends on the existence of pain.

But there is still a loophole in this fabric that you can hack to always have fun. It only says that there is pain somewhere there and you should have experienced it to qualify for labelling some moment of yours as 'fun'. So always do it like this..
yesterday was painful , today is fun.

rajni said...

I feel its a cycle of fun and pain in life that make us to move on.