Sunday, November 16, 2008

Made in China

From the land of maximum number of "Made in"s, comes this post as a souvenir. Sitting at the Shanghai airport transfer lounge, looking at the faces of all the fellow passengers who have been tortured with a 7 hour long journey iced with a faulty flight entertainment system, it appears that everyone is a hostage of an unpleasant event, and they have been enclosed in this huge glass walled cube (fondly called the waiting lounge).

Seriously, when the screen in front of you boots time and again (Redhat, as usual, sucks), you feel like opening some box and fixing it up or re-imaging the machine or .....

I was wondering if each such failure in the flight would be slapped as a penalty on Boeing. Jet airways would earn some bucks, but poor passengers get nothing. May be an extra glass of juice. Or honey roasted peanuts. Pity. Poor customer, always at the receiving end of it.

Lets see if the geeks in China can fix the system in 1 hour. Only then will I accept the mettle of these guys. May my blabber bring some color. Hail thass!

-G Singh, Shanghai, 16th Nov 2008, 9.30 PM

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Shivkumar said...

Okay, I am sorry you had to go through that. But don't mind me pointing this out. I think you might be already knowing this...