Saturday, November 29, 2008

Run-away sons

We have been witnessing a lively city coming to a halt - Mumbai, though only temporarily. No doubt the city exemplifies courage and resilience, coming back to complete shape every time some monkeys created havoc.

Indrani recently questioned - Where are the sons of Mumbai, the so-called Shiv Sena and MNS activists? What happened to them when there is a real need of them to come and save their bleeding mother? Sadly, they probably are amongst those children of the mother who don't listen to her, to her cries, to her grief. Rather, they often make her cry - cogitate just a few weeks in the past. The doleful truth is, that some loving and caring sons like Hemant Karkare, and the hundred other jawans of army and NSG, have to fight when the run-away sons don't turn-up. And ignobly perhaps, when they do turn-up too. These sons are not even worth being known as sons, just a bunch of ungrateful cowards. I don't see a difference between these cowards, and the cowards who attacked the beautiful Taj and other parts of Mumbai.

From the sludge of politics, religion, culture and sabhyata, who will stucco the wounds of the mother, the sons who died, or the cowards alive?

May peace be bestowed on the land. Impotently enough, another type of coward inside cries out for the brethren who have seen it, and taken it on their flesh. May the fragrance of your burning flesh awaken the ones still in siesta.

-G Singh, San Jose, 4:53 PM, 29th Nov, 2008


Anonymous said...

Our political establishment is a bunch of eunuchs -- all they can think of is increasing their vote bank. Last heard - the Maharashtra Dy CM quipped, "They had planned to kill 5000 people. We let only 200 deaths happened. We saved so many!"

Shameless bastards.

Srikanth said...

Probably these run-away sons would come back when the dust is settled & show their vote banking tactics again..

aman said...

very true..