Friday, October 31, 2008

Lives lived

Old narrow lanes
small houses
content souls
ruffling yet hugging breeze
specie, no bills

Carpeted wide alleys
tall buildings, shadows to darkness
searching humans, lost souls
riding, whipping
nobody to embrace, dry gust
fortunes bought, sold

Times in contrast
the mind wonders
already seem lived

-G Singh, New Delhi


arvind batra said...

All that happens, happens for a reason
All the happens, happens for some good

Lives were good before and they are good now and they will be good.
It depends on the perspective.

aka, Lives are still living, its just time that has lived (passed) :)

random thass.....

although even though the above is theoretically correct, yours is practical! :)

aman said...

[caveat : some more thass..]
And everything is as small as you want it to be
And everything is as big as you want it to be.
So its basically YOU...

Ruskin Bond once said :
Its not the time thats passing by
Its you and I

Gursharan Singh said...

Thanks Arvind, Aman.

I agree with you both. Completely. But this was more of a "sigh" on the observation I made. I feel that everytime I see Delhi after an exile (:)), it seems to be changed, in more ways than one. Just a sigh, sigh!

aman said...

yah .. ignore us..
the comments were towards a separate line of thought...and not in any way to abate your joy

arvind batra said...
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arvind batra said...

Yes, whenever there is thass, it is there to be ignored. It should be taken seriously only when:
1. The thass is written in response of a thass.
2. Or the first rule above is not true.

And aha! That Ruskin bond line is brilliant!

And to add more thass: the comments form a palindrome :)