Saturday, December 09, 2006

Life. Period.

Somebody said loneliness is dangerous. And yes I can feel that. IT is dangerous because you talk with yourself, introspect, and end up measuring your life in terms of what you did/did not. I ended up concluding the reason for human existence. Please proceed only if you are a firm believer in Almighty- the timeless. Human- the only living creature that has got inspired from the creation of the universe and is constructive. The immaculate and flawless nature is an inspiration to this creature, that he has to be perfect, and in his efforts moves more towards perfection with his frail attempts. But, what is he actually doing? What is the reason for his existence? What is he at all? Just another form of life, that comes into the world from void. He has no control on his birth, death, and not even on his bowel movements for God sake! Then what is this human proud of?

"Maati ka putala kaise nachat hai" -SGGS, (Look, how this creature made of mud is dancing> is an apt description of this creature. Whatever he builds his whole life can be destroyed overnight. When he dies, hes burnt, and even if he comes into the thoughts of his wife later, hes regarded as a Ghost! What a misery. Point blank insult. Then what is he doing the whole life. Whats the truth? Whats His hukam?

"Jag rachna sab jhooth hai jaan leyo eh meet"-SGGS, (this so called world is the biggest fallacy, please understand mu dear friend).

Can this creature ever realize what he is doing is not what he should do, or if what he is doing is right? Yes he may, but does he really?

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Wanderer said...

he may, may not... tht doesn't stop him from trying! shud it?