Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Ottawian composition

With two little angels we started the day,
the air chilly and snowy was the way,
after the nice drive and some car sways,
we ended up at one of those cafes.

Nice indian lunch we had,
all were happy, but the weather still a bit sad,
but they say determination is in a good man's gene,
and then it was the turn of the parliament, with statues and some leans.

With some random river in the background,
and that half hourly bell sound,
it was fun with those inanimate humans(statues),
we saluted the canadian democracy, and those braves ones.

Last was the mall's turn,
the mall seemingly big like the rings of saturn,
After getting a cute muffler for "mou"
we were back to sixteen thirty two.

Nice was the day with cutie sippy and mani,
bidding good bye to 2006, welcoming 2007 with a huggy,
Nice things should not come only once,
Oh God, please get everyone this bunce!

Mou:- The latin for me

-G Singh, Ottawa, 6:07 PM, 31st December, 2006.

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Wanderer said...

nice, light verse. well written :)