Thursday, November 23, 2006

Halwa Poori Aaloo and Heaven

Today Salman and Me after a bad day in the lab decided on a feat with the frying pan and some ingredients lying in the refrigerator. By God's grace, the ingredients turned out to be potatoes, indian store rolled pooris and Suji lying in the kitchen shelf that mom said to use quickly to avoid spoiling it with moist worms. Armed with these, and a call to Saurabh we went on the cooking spree. As saurabh said, Aaloos were superb, and halwa was sweet too :). With a perfect backdrop of thanksgiving, it was a wonderful dinner we all had and enjoyed and thanked Thee for everything. The only way for you all to get along with our celebrations is the pic below and on the left.

-G Singh, Philadelphia, 23rd Nov. '06


Wanderer said...

i have been talking about the dinner to everyone in sansom... seems u will have a whole lot of dinner requests soon! :P

btw, if u permit, can i post these pics to my blog (of course, all credits and acknowledgments will go to you)?!

Anonymous said...

sure you can Saurabh :), its all your share