Wednesday, May 31, 2006

About me !

This is an “about me” I wrote at orkut. Enjoy!

 A lonely meteor in the sky,
in search of a sea to enter and pacify,
heard that 76% of earth is water,
still fearing to get the 24% of the dry.

Found a sea in one of those eyes,
happily changed the way in life and my flies,
thought that things would change for good,
but those eyes now seem to shoot me from the hood.

The pearls I termed them to be,
help me, I can't remember how I did it Thee,
leave apart the pearls, I can't breathe that air anymore,
but still I crave for the "thing" to come in galore.

This is about me that you should know,
meet me and let me have something to show,
a clean heart and wishes to the sky
and hey, please don't be another one coming in front, and time and again passing by.

Gursharan, 30th May 2006.


Mansi Gupta said...

hmm...i m verry sleepy...its nice but i will read it agn tommo to comment more cos dun wanna write arbit stuff[:P]pls understand. NO katti ok!

Gurpreet said...

gr8 description indeed... i'm definitely a member of ur fan club nw...

n wish u d comfort of the 76% of water... dont be scared of d 24%...

Gursharan said...

Thank You GSM. I aasure there are more things you will savor in the fan club. Some not so very open creations ;).