Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thank you Thee

Life is fun, I realized it,

When on my way to Amritsar, the tyre got punctured,

and missing in the car was the toolkit.


The road was dark, the place secluded,

What I could only say was,

I am in a fix, six others included.


I waved to the few passing by

the situation was serious and futile was my try,

when suddenly an old man came,

and things were never the same.


In the blink of an eye,

he himself replaced the tire,

and in another moment,

vanished away like oil in fire.


I have been wondering since then,

who was “He”,

to help me reach His place safely,

was it THEE?


Gursharan, 6th June, 6:30 PM, on way to Amritsar from Ludhiana.





Mansi said...

now this is much better...but hey its both thoughtful n funny...funny cos flat tyre:)...which is makin this a lil less than good...hmm..i aint an expert..but jus a layman's view:)

Gursharan said...
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