Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wisdom from Bulle Shah

Bulle Shah, a Sufi poet, also popularized by Mr. Rabbi Shergill (bulla ki jaana main kaun..), has always challenged religious rituals in his writings. I came across one of his writings, sung equally enchantingly by Nusrat, and ended up wasting (not really, only worldly) 3 hours on it. I could find a decent english translation here for you (spanks disabled). You are also welcome to step into the whirlpool Nusrat creates, Bulla sitting at the eye of it.

Philosophical response to the poem pending, yours truly cannot write but just listen right now.

Alla hu!

-G Singh, San Jose, 29th June, 2008


arvind batra said...

This is cult!
Listened to it today morning and again hooked!

Unknown said...

I do not think Rabbi Shergill has much role to play in making Bulleh Shah famous... as the legacy is enormous.

I like his writings as he gives precedence to love, is frank in challenging the phony (or powerful), enlighten others with what he thinks is wrong with the world.

I am still exploring his writings and I feel there is more to him that I could write as of now.

Unknown said...

Well that unknown is Amarinder S Randhawa :)