Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deep inside, somewhere deep

There is us,
there is me,
there is you,
and there are they

Light inside,
reflecting on the face,
chord in the heart,
fibrillating, enchanting,
beat in the ears,
song on the tongue,
transforming, transporting, ages, miles

Deep inside, somewhere deep
we are all alike,
Reflecting face,
enchanting heart,
lost ears,
swinging tongue,
What is unknown,
sad, dismal?

The oneness,
there, deep inside,
to colors human,
seeing, listening, feeling, thinking,
take over,
enough to bleed,
to blind

-G Singh, June 20, 2008, San Jose


Debajit said...

Hey.. that made for an elegant read :) What does the ending mean though?

Gursharan Singh said...

Thanks debu :). The meaning: despite we all being alike at some metaphysical level, our senses are often mis-used to lead to hatred and bloodshed.

Nirmal Mehta said...

very nice, I didn't know you write poems too :), always thought u were a tech junkie.
liked 'Timeless Demystification' a lot,

"Life has always been beautiful,

only the emotion tank has been at times empty, half or full,

childish of me to measure life in terms of happiness and satisfaction it gave,

for it was meant to be cherished let free, allowed for its own ways to pave"

simply awesome!

aman said...

very true .. and well penned .. continue writing..

Gursharan Singh said...

Thanks Nirmal, I am glad that you enjoyed it. Keep visiting!

Thanks Aman, hows des?