Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hide and Seek

I see out of the window, the wind- you are travelling,
I see in the eyes of a child, you are twinkling,
I see the water of the sea, you are flowing,
I see the standing tree, you are patiently serving,
I see the grass beneath, you are never complaining,
I see the Sun shining, you are beautifully warming,
I see the moon at night, you are a mother's lap,
I see clouds gathering, you are containment and unity in yourself,
I see you happening everywhere around,

I see around, you are everywhere,
you are infinite, limitless, sempiternal but hey, I am greedy too.

O Lord, you have ruined me,
You play hide and seek and it seems fun to you,
But its an eternal loss to Mou,
Help me realize the light thats in,
find you, catch you, bottle you and enshrine you in the beating mass within.

-G Singh, 25th October, 2006, Philadelphia.


Wanderer said...


Gurpreet said...
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Gurpreet said...

anoder great creation... it has been long since u last posted a poem... was eagerly waitin for it...

Bhupender Singh said...

Wah Guru , seems u said all veer in very few words.

waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee kee fateh