Saturday, July 02, 2005

Microsoft TechED 2005 great question

From past two days, I have been attending each track of the Mobile and Embedded devices group talks and in crux it was , Mind Boggling! The intensity with which Windows Mobile and CE is shooting ahead is tremendous. People from the globe were discussing how is Windows CE better than vox 330 or RTLinux. The guy giving talk on win CE was Asang Dani from Kanetkars insti in Nagpur – Dcube s/w I suppose.( former Dow Jones and Microsoft Employee). A VxW employee buckled him at the point that is Windows CE a Hard or a Soft RTOS and he was  like……. I took pleasure in clarifying and told him that Windows CE Automobile edition is on way now and is already being used by Lego robots…..Again he asked the same question. I wonder how smart employees VxW has. Its catastrophic for a Robot to have a soft RTOS !( Am I right? – comments appreciated)

 Visit for win CE Automobil




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