Sunday, April 10, 2005

Placement Co-Ords.

Hi comrades

Its getting late now to decide who will be the class co-ord from our batch for this year’s placement session. Bhatia Sir has announced special rewards( or bribe as you may like to take it) for the co-ords.

1. Team leadership Certficates– CAT ppl where’s your oppurtunistic instinct

2. Special Recommendations to the visiting companies

The Co-Ords will be required to connect to the companies on their own with Bhatia Sir just giving the initial and the final strokes. So, I request ppl to leave their names on the Blog or poll( lets first poll to get the contestants:-)) on the blog, whatever you feel comfortable in.

Thnx and Kia




Vee Kay said...

hey dude,

dis is vishal frm d lesser known batch.
nehow ur message may not reach all d ppl intrstd in running for d wud b gr8 if u cud also notify d first batch ppl.
dey r not tech savvy so u mite need2tell one of dem person.he/she can pass on d info to d rest.
(i cud do it,but i hardly attend ne lectures ;-)


PS:do the two batches hav separate reps or do v hav a common one?
PPS:i mite b interstd if it helps me land up a cushy job ;-)

[sig]I get enough exercise just pushing my luck! [/sig]

Gursharan said...

We need 3 Co-ords per batch..